The Wrecking Ball Call

Laughter & mayhem ensued on the Wrecking Ball Call! Not only did we get a chance to chat about what we all got out of this experience but the wrecking continued - LIVE! Enjoy the call.

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One Journey Ends & Another Begins!

What a celebratory last day. The Wrecking Ball Call was amazingly fun. Spontaneous wreckage exploded! I'll get the recording posted as soon as I can.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Wreck this Journal ~ Week 4

This week's video takes place in my "Wreck this Studio" space! We had some repairs that turned into total wall destruction which turned into a beautiful new window and door - and a need to repaint, revision and reorganize. Destruction --> Creation! That was what I was thinking when I shared with you my crazy space.

Swap, please!

Inspired by a suggestion by the wonderful Hybrid J, I thought it would be fun if we could help each other out with the "Give away your favourite page" activity. If you'd like to swap your favourite page with a fellow wrecker, just write "Swap, please" in the comments. Next Friday, July 3rd, I'll put up a list of swap partners and you guys can share your info and your favourite pages! And that gives you at least one more week to actually make a favourite page, lol!

Have a fun week,


  1. Hi Jamie, thank you for your nice video. I'm glad to notice, that I don't have any compatative thoughts looking what others were doing, I only thought: how amazing! how inspiring!
    Just by now, I feel, that my journal guides me on my or its own way. It's a dooropener, because dealing with the culture of journalmaking (which is very new to a German woman like me) is wonderful and leads me to new kind of creative things.
    So it's all really great fun and no grief yet!
    Swap- great idea! My first thought was: NOOOOOOO!!! I'm not giving away me favorite page, but to exchange it (and the whole experience) with a fellow wrecker would be just great.

    So here am I with a big

    CU next time

  2. Competitive thoughts? Umm, not so much. Everyone is so different in how they approach the project it seems more collaborative to me. Sometimes tho, I see a page that is gorgeous, or has taken lots of time and effort, or whatever, and I think WOW. But overall, I am amazed at how much of a group experience this is. Thanks to everybody for sharing!!!

  3. I think we all bring our own strengths to wrecking... Some of us are writers, some are artists (of sooo many different types)

    I am a scientist so experimental wrecking is I think my favourite area but others writing and artistic wrecking feels wonderfully supportive and seeing what they can achieve is making it easier to spread out through all the aspects of my journal....

  4. lovely video, as always. you're a delight even at, oh, 3:338 am. not feeling competitive but definitely inspired and awed by the remarkable ways a single instruction brings out so many varied and creative responses.

    and by the bravery! tossed in the ocean! dropped in a mailbox! these would be a strecth for me.

    i'm also amused, delighted and surprised by what the wreck has brought to me in terms of thinking out of the box, taking risks, being silly...altogether an exquisitely creative experience.

  5. What a great message this week - it really resonated with me.....I was feeling a bit chicken-y until I had a revelation mid-week (with the help of a Dear One) that this wreckage was totally about ME and not anyone else. How cool is that? Having something that's just about ME? More was giving myself permission to have something that was ALL ME without feeling guilty about it....*sigh*

    ...who knew one little book could have so much power?!? HA!! The irony of that last sentence is overwhelming....*grin*

    Thanks again!

    PS. I'm already hooked up with a swap partner....its a great idea....our *completed* journals will be traversing the Atlantic and back again...spreading JOY for the postal workers!!

  6. I can understand why people are feeling pressured to be over-the-top where they are just making huge steps playing with crayons. I am glad you addressed this Jamie. Funny, I am struggling with doing what the book tells me to do. I think the personalities doing big stuff may want to consider doing the small stuff. Or not. Maybe just have fun. I love that we can do whatever we want. Um, like bake the food into a cake? I'm sure there wasn't a page that told me to do that, hehehe.

  7. well I still only doodled in my journal this week and did not get too much done. I am not sure I want to first thoughts too were NOOOOOOOOO...haha...I am so weird

  8. Hi All sbartist here link #20:
    For all of you who have been patiently waiting - I thank you and I promise it WAS worth the wait. The exciting conclusion of Journal meets "RUSTY" is now viral. Enjoy - I certainly have in making this : )

  9. You hit the nail right on the head for me- comparison. That's what I was doing last week,and perhaps in life as well. Enought of that.
    I don't have a favorite page yet and I'll be on vacation next week. But a swap is a great idea.

  10. I think I'm working a week're on Week 4, and my post is titled Week 3. Whoops!
    (PS. I think a swap would be neat!)

  11. I'm enjoying your videos - and I'm so glad that you mentioned people being too hard on themselves about not going as far as others. You're a fabulous, inspiring host for this event. Thank you!!

    I'm in -- SWAP Please!!

  12. Saying this is a stretch for me

    "swap, please"

  13. I haven't watched this weeks vlog yet, but

    Swap Please

    What a great idea!

    I love all you guys. And Jamie, you're the Queen.

  14. It so inspiring to check out everyone else's work, and wonderful to have a safe, supportive and like-minded community in which to share the results of our wreck-age.

    I am with 'The Other Laura' above, in saying, this is a stretch for me (but this journey is all about challenging myself!) so I too say,

    "Swap Please!"

  15. Jamie - THANK YOU!!
    My post this week is EXACTLY this! I feel soooooo boring and lame compared to everyone else and their creative and crazy happy ways of wrecking their journals!!!!!!
    THANK YOU JAMIE FOR THIS VLOG!!! It's exactly what I needed to hear!

  16. Well said, Jamie. I thought it was rather funny this past week - I took my journal along to a coffee meet-up with a friend and she jumped in and started wrecking my journal. A few days later, she'd bought one of her own (because she was so inspired) and she told me she'd left hers in a public place (her work place) for other people to writen in. My first thought was "oh my gosh - I can't believe you did that right away - that one's such a stretch for me!"

    Your words are right on - a stretch for one comes easily for another.

    I'll post mine later tonight when I'm not on my office computer.

  17. I have to admit I was a little humbled by the WTJer who took a power drill to her book (oh my how I wish I'd thought of that), but in the end, she inspired me to take sand paper to mine and that was pretty fun too! I'm loving how something one person does leads us to other things - such a great community!! Thanks Jamie!

    Oh and count me in on the swap please!!

  18. Some of our fellow wreckers have me feeling wimpy for sure. Wrecking by throwing it in the ocean, running over it with a car, or like Suzie using power tools or baking it in a cake. I'm learning slowly...and having lots of fun!
    Yes Swap!!!

  19. Thanks for this message, Jamie, It really hit home with me! blessings, O

  20. Oh my gosh, I had the same idea! I posted an offer to swap pages on my blog, with a little extra something thrown in for the first responder. Great minds think alike, eh? *giggle*

  21. Thank you so much for this vlog, Jamie. This is something I do do myself ALL the time not just here and I needed the gentle reminder that my journey is MY journey. I often think I have conquered it but it continues to rear it's relentless little head. For instance when you said "swap" part of me was excited - another part of me said none of my pages are cool enough. So, like "the other Laura" this is a big stretch for me when I say, "SWAP PLEASE (gulp).

  22. This week I took my journal in the shower with me!! Then I submerged it in a bathtub full of water:)

    I also realized that allowing myself to be messy in my journal has translated into me being super clean in my living space...which I'm LOVING!! A nifty little side-effect I wasn't expecting... ;)

  23. Admittedly, I am having trouble stretching beyond the "pretty" pages, like color this, or poke this, or write while I'm not comparing, it's all about the streching for me. BUT...I'm going camping this weekend, and it's coming along! WOOT!

    Swap PLease! *eek*


  24. Great message this week! Let go without comparing. I look over at my journal these days and I'm amazed at how far I've gotten and how much I've stretched a good way!!

    Swap, please...oh, yes! This'll be fun!!

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  26. i really look forward to Friday afternoons and checking out what Jamie says and then seeing everyone's posts. Right now, I'm really tired and should be in bed but I can't stop reading them all! It's such fun! SWAP please!!

  27. Swap please !!! great idea!! and it will be so much fun to receive a fellow wrecker's page in the mail!!

  28. Swap Please!

    I am trying to just enjoy the process and admire other wrecker's progress. I admit, in the beginning, I felt like I was a slacker, but then I realized it is all about finding our own way - what is a baby step for some is a moon-distant leap for others.

    I love looking at all the brilliance that everyone is putting out there!

  29. I'm stretching myself less in the physical act of destruction, but in the way in which I want to imprint my personality in some way in each page. maybe that defeats part of the purpose of the journal, but I'm proud of every page I work on. i think that's why I'm also a little bit behind...

  30. Thanks for the mentioned Jamie and SWAP PLZZZZ! :)
    And great message ... !

  31. Oh, it's me again! Don't know what happened with the connection, I got cut off half way ....

    I wanted to say I felt honoured and extremely thrilled that you took up my suggestions and invited our fellow wreckers to swap our favourite pages. This is just awesome (using your favourite expression)! I'm so looking forward to this swapping. Yipppppeeeeee ....


  32. You know exactly what to say! :) Swap please. :)

  33. Hi, Jamie - I will be posting my week's WTJ activities later today, but I wanted to ask if you or anyone else has any suggestions - Suddenly I cannot see anything on your videos. The first few weeks I could play them just fine, and now all I get is a black screen as it plays. Is it a computer setting that I may have inadvertantly changed? Or a Windows update?? I am so frustrated by this. Has anyone else had this experience and resolved it?

    Looking forward to any suggestions!

  34. Oh, Arlene, that's such a drag! Do you want to try watching it directly on Vimeo: Maybe that will help.

  35. This is awesome Jamie. Thank you so much! SWAP PLEASE! :)

  36. Wow, thanks as always for all the encouragement.I love your comment that we are the 'experts on our own lives". Thank you.

    Will have to think about the swap. I already had plans for my giveaway. and don't really have a favorite page after that. Maybe I'll come up with something this week - if so I'll come back and let you know.

  37. Swap please!

    I can relate to Melinda. I did little more than add to some things I started.
    Being the end of school - and having to move classrooms I was beat this week. Hopefully the coming weeks will be full of wreckage!

  38. Hi everyone. I missed week 3 - life interrupted with a migraine and some other stuff but I am back - yay! Your video this week was very inspiring. I try not to do exactly what you said but sometimes I do fall into that trap so this was a great reminder. Thanks!

    SWAP please!

  39. I too found this week inspiring and apropos for me, always comparing and judging myself as inadequate. Your video was perfect, Jamie! Blessings, Olivia

  40. Well, I fixed the problem that kept me from seeing the vimeo - hooray! Apparently I didn't have the latest version of Flash. Once I downloaded that, I was able to see it. Yeah! I am a few days late in reporting. However, beetter late than never!

    Ok - I am in too! SWAP PLEASE.

  41. Hi, I seem to have fallen behind somewhat as it took nearly 10 days for me to find the book! But I'm here now.
    I have purposely not looked at others blogs too much because I have a tendency to compare myself unfavorably. I am having sooooo much fun with this and really enjoying the wrecking. So great to be colouring outside the lines with you all.
    SWAP Please!


    I love that you started all this and I love that I found it. it has really opened some things up for me. ciao!

  43. Swapping the favorite page! What a great idea! I'm in! And will post soon on my blog.

  44. SWAP PLEASE!! I delayed in commenting because I wasn't sure I had a favorite page, but I realized I do. Parting with it will be such sweet sorrow, but what an adventure to swap with a fellow wrecker.

  45. I just found your blog! I would so love to do this & will on my own. Do you do these projects continuously?!

  46. Hi Michelle, I'm so glad you found us! Feel free to dive in. We'll be wrecking for another month.

    This is the third session of The Next Chapter that I've led and yes, I'll be doing another one in the fall. I hope you'll join us!

    For anyone who wants to find out about the next book, be sure to sign up for my newsletter to stay up-to-date.

  47. Swap, Please! I had the idea myself but couldn't figure out a way with the diverse locations to propose such a thing without possibly overwhelming someone with a BIG job! Glad you took HybridJ's idea and ran with it, Jamie.

  48. Swap, Please!! That is so exciting -- can't wait!!

    I'm not sure if my comments are posted each week - I think they sometimes get lost in cyberspace (strange, I know). Hopefully this one goes up!

    Week 4 was amazing and all about crayons for me. I am having such fun on this journey. Thank you to the incredible individuals who have commented on my blog. I really appreciate the support - this next five or so weeks are tough for me so this community is such a treat :).

    Thank you wreckers and our Head Wrecker, Jamie!

  49. i am totally in on the whole swapping thing!! this has been so cool!!

    Kristin P

  50. Hey there, Just found your blog and am trying to get my head around 'Wreck this Journal'. I could so lose myself in your blog ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Love the Kre8ivity.... Looking forward to reading further re Wreck this Journal and expoloring your blog further. Loving that you too believe that we are meant to live the Kre8ive Life...

  51. Oh poo, I missed this - kind of hid out for a week but I'm now catching up. If you have another one who wants to swap that's loose and flapping in the breeze, let me know!