The Wrecking Ball Call

Laughter & mayhem ensued on the Wrecking Ball Call! Not only did we get a chance to chat about what we all got out of this experience but the wrecking continued - LIVE! Enjoy the call.

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One Journey Ends & Another Begins!

What a celebratory last day. The Wrecking Ball Call was amazingly fun. Spontaneous wreckage exploded! I'll get the recording posted as soon as I can.

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Wreck This Journal ~ Week 5

Happy July! We still have a whole month of wrecking to enjoy together, and it's so exciting to see how things morph and change. In my video this week I describe how our creative wreckage is spilling over into life - and clearly it spilled over into the video too. I'm sorry that it's so dark. Clearly my studio needs some better lighting for evening vlogging! Thank you for your patience.

And as promised, I've put together a list of "Favourite Page" Swap Partners. Here it is (there was a bit of a mixup since I posted this at 12:00 EST. This made Gemma and The Other Laura swap partners. I just want to make sure there's no confusion):

Nadia & Vernell
Alex & Beverley Baird
Kara aka Mother Henna & Genie Sea
Carrie - Between Hitching Posts & Jean
Suvarna & Heather Plett
Sheila & Kirby 3131
Arlene & alteredstatesstudio
Sherri & Lawendula
Barbara Martin @ Reptitude & Leana S May
Carolyn - A Beautiful Ripple Effect & The Wright Stuff
Lesley Denford & Hybrid J
Sharon & Kim
Wild Roaming One & Scarlet
The Other Laura & Gemma
Kavindra & You & Me & Lucy


  1. YES!! This is spilling into many other areas in my life - busting up rules I'd laid down for myself left and right. Rules I didn't even know I had. POSSIBILITIES all over the place. I am enchanted by the idea that in your studio where one there was a wall there is now a door - very symbolic!!

  2. Hi Jamie, This is my first week. But I have been reading and looking at all the fun the last few weeks. So here I am ready to get creative and have fun. Your videos are awesome!. Have a great week.

  3. It's the same with me.
    I'm remembering the proverb: "Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere."
    I recently had a little crisis, thinking Oh my God, I really must make some money with my art now, what can I produce, that people will buy?! And this makes my inner child really feel like being trapped and being pushed aside.
    But then WTJ brings me back to play, try unusual things and not being so "good", you know?
    So, great things are happening. I'm open to everything now and I feel it's getting more and more my own piece of art (and my daughter's too).

    There is one thought I had in mind: It would be great, if one could buy the same journal in a blank version, because cover and paper are really great, they are so durable, feel and smell good, every time, I do something, I'm thinking: oh no, the paper will tear, but no- it's a really good quality.
    And I would like to go on wrecking some more journals in my own way.

    Thanks for the video! Have a great time!!! (and let the sunshine in, now that you've got a NEW DOOR!)

  4. Congrats on the studio remodel/redo. Let's see, has my creativity spread out? Yes. Definitely yes. I hadn't been creating anything but blogging in a long time and I think I had a decade or two of creativity pent up inside. This was exactly what I needed. I'm much happier these past few weeks. I do need to clean up the craft supplies though - they've sort of spilled out into the living room LOL

    Thanks again!

  5. Not sure about leaving my mark on the book but it does have my toeprint! Glad to hear you are enjoying the results of the renovations and seeing the improvements spilling over!! And I am loving seeing everybody's posts every week. WRECK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. @Barbara: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I cannot believe I did it this week....but I took my journal into the shower with me.....and so much more! Come check out my video about it......

    oh my

  8. I'm looking forward to having fun with some of the pages I've been avoiding.

    This week we played catch with the journal!

  9. I didn't do much between week 2 and 5. I'm looking forward to finding some string to take the journal for a walk. I'm also going to finally be getting around to some of the other pages I've been avoiding, hopefully, this week.

  10. first link is the *wrong* one...fixed it on the second...don't know how to erase the first one....

  11. The wall has become a door! You said it all sister.

    I am still so loving seeing your sweet beautiful self on these videos. I hope you are having as much fun making them as I am watching them (it looks like you are!)

  12. Yes Totally! Because of WTJ, I stopped hedging about losing all the widgets on my blog by changing the template, and did it anyway! YAY! :)And. That's just the tip of the iceberg! Whoop! :)

  13. I wonder if Keri Smith realises the creative destruction she has unleashed around the world!

  14. Week five already. Time is flying. Would love to see your studio redo. We bought our house 10 years ago and it is a fixer-upper. Some areas are look'n so nice, others are still in the destruction phase. So, ... it is still a fixer-upper!

  15. I had some blocks - mental and otherwise this week, but I'm still thinking about how I can wreck stuff...

    Just moved my office at work and I'm tempted to take all the leftover "don't know where to put this stuff" down to the dumpster. :) Way to wreck!

  16. Hmmm. My wrecking is going fine and I am having great fun (esp. when I go "off the page" and do my own thing) - but spilling over into other areas, "real life"? No, not so much. I'm at a point where I am having to be very focused in the real world - WTJ is my escape - so not s'much right now. Maybe I am just a late bloomer.
    Love your videos, Jamie - and yeah, that door/wall thing is a fantastic metaphor!

  17. Oh yeah, I've got all kinds of spillage in the rest of my life and I'm loving it! So healthy and invigorating!

  18. I didn't think I had done much this week, so when I looked through to see what I hadn't reported on yet, I discovered I had done a few things! I have noticed that I am definitely losing some of my perfectionism - in my art as well as in other areas of my life. Amazing!

  19. oh my gosh, I have been so out of it. more on my blog, of course. I'm hoping, also, that there are still people who need to swap pages. I'm so behind! ack!

  20. Jamie.. I read and posted to all the blogs in the list above.. but I see last week has many more.. what is the difference.. I want to visit every one as my this weeks project

  21. Judi, you're a rock star visiting each and every person! Over 60 people posting is an amazing turnout. Why is it less than last week? Well, it could be as simple as beautiful weather calling.

    If you're looking for more visiting, you can always go back and check out earlier posts. This adventure is non-linear at its best :)


  22. Here is mine for week 5 - a bit later but better late than never :). As I said in my blog post I am starting to see this slowly creeping into my everyday life. Here's to more wrecking.

  23. Just posted my week 6. Hard to believe there are only 2 weeks left.


  24. dear wright stuff,
    at this very moment I do realize the creative destruction I have unleashed! and it is fantastic.

    as a former perfectionist myself I will say these little challenges are the best medicine for a LOT of things.

    thank you all for partaking in this experience. I am so very grateful for all of you and your willingness to make a mess.

    creatively yours,

  25. I'm definitely gearing up, after starting a little hesitantly. It's been an incredible experience and even better and more inspiring to see my little boy take part and take such pleasure. I've learned a lot from him too.