The Wrecking Ball Call

Laughter & mayhem ensued on the Wrecking Ball Call! Not only did we get a chance to chat about what we all got out of this experience but the wrecking continued - LIVE! Enjoy the call.

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One Journey Ends & Another Begins!

What a celebratory last day. The Wrecking Ball Call was amazingly fun. Spontaneous wreckage exploded! I'll get the recording posted as soon as I can.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Wreck this Journal ~ Week 6

For those of you who decided to participate in the swap, how is it going? What was it like to tear out your favourite page and send it away? Has anyone received a page yet?

What a wonderful creative community we're growing here! It meant the world to me that so many of you decided to come by and celebrate with me the launch of my brand new website, Jamie Ridler Studios. Your wishes and encouragement absolutely made my day! Thank you!

And you know, WTJ really helped me make the transition. On the day before the launch, I was feeling really sad leaving my old blog, which had been a dear and special place for me for 3 years. But thanks to this adventure, I understood in a fresh way how letting go of one thing really opens the door for something new to make its way fully in - and boy did it! I hope you'll come over and see.

It's a joy to share all of these wonderful openings, discoveries and explorations with you! Have a beautiful week.


  1. Thank you Jamie for arranging the swap! I loved the experience.
    Loved your video as well!
    I have posted 2 posts - one only on the WTJ (#2) and the other with creative stuff and a giveaway - a big challenge for me!!!)

  2. Thanks for all you inspiration. Thia has been so much fun. It to has reawaken my creative side.

  3. I've actually been quite busy this past week with the journal. I haven't been creative (with inks, paint and such) for years and years, so coloring and drawing are very foreign to me. I've just been coloring in the book like mad. I've also been gluing in objects that catch my attention. I see something and think, that might be cool to use for... and then I think, that needs to be used in the journal! and I put it in there. I tend to save stuff for someday and never use it, so this journal is really helping me move the objects along rather than languishing in my closet of never ending stuff.

    Thanks Jamie!! I enjoyed your opening!

  4. Excellent Vlog Jamie!! I was thinking the exact same things this whole week...about the creative cycle is just that a cycle--with its waxing and waning periods. But I think like many things in our life--change can sometimes make us feel insecure and wondering what is wrong..when all we really need to do is just look to nature and see how the cycles of life all make sense!!

    Thank you!

    Peace & Love.

  5. The swap is so so so special! Leana May sent me a beautiful colorful page IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!!!!! It came in the mail in an oversize envelope and everything. And I love it: such a connection this project has made between so many people far and wide.

    Being a bit of a scofflaw, I did not get mine mailed until this week, but mail it I did. I debated and debated but finally made a choice and sent it off with a colorful card and specially pretty stamps. Really, I was so thrilled to have someone to send it to and hope Leana gets as much fun out of receiving as I did!!

    Interesting thing happened this week. There was a time when we had all kinds of art supplies in the house, but after several moves and several years of small space living, and now that there's just grown-ups at home, nowadays we just don't.

    I actually had to buy glue to work on my pages this week. While at the store for glue I picked up some watercolor paints, and some paper, too. Hmmm. The addictive supply creep begins!

    Wax and wane.

    I hope everyone is enjoying their wrecking. WRECK ON WRECK STARS!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I'm really in the "Ideas ideas ideas"-mood and it's wonderful. Because I'm now doing things (like making journals) that I've never done before. And it influences my work with fibers too! I was spinning a yarn with sewing threads in it, which I've never done before and it's great!
    I'm trying a new thing every day and I feel like Maude (from "Harold and Maude") und it's so wonderful.
    Thanks for your mail too, glad, you had the same thing in mind!
    Cu :)

  7. SKIDDING in breathless...MAN! ALMOST made it in the top 10 this week! Ah, well...

    Kirby3131 and I agreed to swap on or around the 20th - me, so I have a chance to maybe produce a more favored favorite and her, bless her heart, cause she let me email her first and is so agreeable and cooperative to my proposed date to swap. I'm looking forward to it - but more on that in my blog. WRECK ON!

  8. My First week! I'm glad to join! I hope that I(and my book)become a little more rough around the edges ;)

  9. I still need to do my book has been so neglected, I think that getting pages from someone else will revitalize it! :)

  10. yes Jamie...I have had a really DOWN time the past 2 weeks with my journal. Between deaths in the family or in the world....seeming to really affect me and sending me into very deep reflection and contemplation......and my work load with work changing and forcing me to change my schedule at times which affects everything else I so many things....yes..the INPUT for me has been greater than the OUTPUT and the INput sometimes has been almost an overload so when that happens I can sometimes tend to shut down a bit. I guess that is self preservation kicking in!

  11. Hi fellow Wrecksters! Susan here linkie post #25 - In this weeks post I have teamed up with the threesome Six_moons [my sister & her two girls] for this new installment video - enjoy!

  12. I don't know if it is "appropriate" to participate this week with the links because I didn't actually do any wrecking because this week, I am the utter wreck. Still, I thought, why not? Hope it's OK Jamie.

  13. Love your new site! Love the colors, the links, the photos - everything!

    Having more and more fun with my journal as we go along.

  14. Great Vlog--I LOVE what your journal is looking like! For me, it seems like I'm slowly (very slowly) picking up steam. I'm probably going to be worked up at the very end. LOL!! But that's okay--I've had to baby myself about this, but there's nothing wrong with that!

  15. I'm slowing down a bit, mainly because I'm avoiding some of the pages that scare me the most. Next week, I'm taking a deep breath and diving right out of my comfort zone...

  16. I have been struggling this week, too. But I'm excited about the swap and I think this week, as I turn 42 (on Tuesday), I will wreck outside the comfort zone. I'm going to wreck with zeal and stop letting fear make my decisions for me.

    thanks for putting this together, Jamie. It has brought me many gifts so far!

  17. Jamie - This week I have been taking my time on a few pages and re-doing a few others. Then there are some pages that are proving to be difficult for me. I keep skipping over them - like the 'ugly drawing' page, the 'write carelessly' page, and the 'angry word' page. Any words of wisdom for tackling the hard-to-me pages?

  18. I've strayed away from my journal this week because wrecking has opened me up to to other things. I'm excited about them and they seem to be monopolizing my time. I figure the tide is out on the journal for now. I just keep showing up everyday, thumbing through it, brainstorming or doodling a little because I want to be there when the tide comes back in.

  19. thanks so much for the visit. I reeally believe there is an immense value to WTJ>> and intend to continue introducing people to it.. ( as long as my meager budget allows)

  20. Hey Sharon, here are a few thoughts. When you read them, imagine that you're letting your body choose one of these options. What signals does she give you?

    1. Pick one and dive in quickly. Like before you even finish reading this comment, grab that 'write carelessly page' and put something big, messy and careless in it and come back.

    2. Use that page to write on it why you find it a 'hard-to-me' page and see what comes up.

    3. Decide you are absolutely not going to do those pages. Rip them out and throw them away.

    4. Just be gentle with you. Maybe one day you'll do those pages. Maybe you won't. Whatever happens is just right.

    I hope that's helpful. Let me know what you decide!


  21. I don't have a journal, but I am going through a period where I have so many art projects going on that I tend to not get to the art project that I'm really needing to work on. I keep staring at it as I am stuck, so go off doing the other not as important projects. This video really helped me to realize that I am doing what I'm suppose to be doing and I shouldn't beat myself up for it! I'm so glad I stumbled upon this! Perfect timing!

  22. Wow! Thanks as always for this inspiring video. Yes, I'm in a slow time. So slow, that I am a week late getting to this video. I did almost nothing throughout week 5.

    I love what you say about slow times being times where we "fill our well" and that they are natural - we needn't panic. And the idea of "wherever you are - is where you should be" - that's beautiful.

    Thanks, as always, for the inspiration!